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Packing isn’t as simple as it seems to be


There is this huge misconception that packing is as simple as piling objects inside boxes. Only people who have gone through this experience themselves can say how far that thought is from reality. Sadly, some find out through experience, which in this case means finding themselves stuck with box shortage, broken items, logistics issues and unneeded back pain.

In order to save yourself from all these bad experiences, you should do some reading before starting to pack your belongings. It doesn’t take long, but in a short time you can learn a lot of useful information that will save you from the worse aspects of packing.


Our Top 10 list


Of course, there are more than ten valid tips for packing – or for any activity, for the matter – but we have selected a good variety of advice for you to pack your belongings successfully. Remember that there are many more out there, and you should stick around for a little while, reading some more. This list has been created as a mere starting guide, and we have gathered what we believe is most important for people to read, either because these are basic tips, or because they tackle common misconceptions or underestimated issues regarding packing.

So prepare your tape, your markers and your industrial amounts of boxes, here is our top 10 tricks for smooth and intelligent packing.


Tips for packing


1) Get a lot of packing material. The complete list of materials that you will need includes:

  • Boxes of all sizes. Use small boxes for heavy items and big boxes for big, light items. Check that boxes are not damaged and tape the bottom to reinforce them if necessary.
  • Wrapping material. Paper is the preferred choice for this, usually newspapers. Acid free tissue paper is recommended for objects with delicate surfaces. Bubble wrap and plastic foam are also good choices, even if they are more expensive.
  • Sisal string. Use this string to tie some wrappings, reinforce boxes and gather the branches of plants.
  • Tape. You will need tape to reinforce boxes meant to carry heavy objects, as well as seal them.
  • Markers. Remember to label all your boxes, it is vital for an organized removal. Otherwise, it will be a chaos and you might loose useful items for a while.

2) Make an inventory. A checklist is vital for an easy removal. If something gets lost in the way to your new settlement, by using a list you will realize and try to retrieve your lost item. You can label boxes with numbers and describe their content, so if you find that you need something, you know where to find it.

3) Use space intelligently. Moving takes lots and lots of boxes. They take your space and also your money, because most frights charge according to the number of boxes. Fill all boxes to the top to save space, put small objects inside bigger containers or fit them in the gaps between larger items.

4) Get rid of what you don’t need. Another great way to save space and money is to donate or give away those objects that you save but don’t really need. All removals are renovations, after all!

5) Secure all objects. Wrap fragile objects with paper or bubble wrap. Close bottles and other containers. Tupperware is great for this because it’s hermetic and it prevents spilling. When moving food, secure bags and jars. Use tape if necessary.

6) Back up your hard drives. Properly wrapped and transported computers and tablets shouldn’t become damaged, but they are very delicate items nonetheless. Running a backup of your data is always a good security measure.

7) Pack clothes properly. Use big plastic bags and tape to wrap clothes . If they are properly folded, they will take less space. Transport delicate clothes such as dresses with their bags and hangers, don’t pack them with the rest.

8) Be careful when moving boxes around. Your back, knees and other body parts could become damaged if you lift objects that are too heavy. Take it easy and ask for help when in doubt. You could injury your muscles and articulations. Always keep a painkiller handy, but it’s ideal not to need it at all. Leave heavy objects to workers of the removal company, they have the protective gear and physical training to lift boxes for you. A good alternative is to push them around, sliding them on the floor.

9) Start with the top floor and end with the first floor. This is the best way to prevent your house to become an obstacle course without any need.


10) Get help. Packing all your belongings is a huge task. We take items we own for granted until we have to put them all into boxes. Ask friends and family to join you, they will ease the job, provide good ideas and logistics, and all work is less stressing when you share it with people you love!

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